European Party

at Recent Activity, Birmingham

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European Party draws from the European flag’s existing iconography and its values tied with current events, albeit marginally. In his “wild” approach, the wandering artists comes across the “European” social grouping, on a cliff headland and in astrological theories. Unable to create an adequate cognitive separation, he ends up assimilating the whole into a single source.
In the exhibition project, the idea of Europe is tied to that of astrology, and the former is also tied to the idea of rocky reefs (romantic traveller, extrapolation of a landscape portion) leading to the creation of third-party versions.
Found within are The European Flag, a flag inlaid with 3M architectural coatings with wooden effects, and The European Rocky Reefs, two identical portions made up of rock climbing holds, each hold with a single star, coated in bodywork metallic paint, set in it.
The inlaid flag loses its dogmatic blue and yellow colouring to assume wooden hues, thus, however, acquiring new meaning in the astrological field (in which everyone can see him – or herself in their own sign) where the coincidence of twelve stars allows for an exact overlap of both meanings. The final result is a PVC flag, mechanically flexed by an undulating structure underneath which reproduces the effect of tissue set in motion by the wind, despite the object’s real stationary nature.
Both rock climbing holds blocks draw upon the theme of landscape for the romantic traveller. Mirko Canesi imagines a hypothetical European cliff, two fragments of which are here exhibited.
Rigid streamers made out of coloured metal complete the exhibition positioned randomly within the space to recreate what could be a suggestion of “Europe”.

The European flag, 2019,

The European rocky cliffs, 2019

The party, 2019