at Oberwelt, Stuttgart

Mirko Canesi’s artistic research is geared towards the activation of a process in which cultural superstructures are removed, and the filters of a subjective vision are limited, with the aim of identifying the possibilities and beauties that the concrete plane of reality already offers.
Reality as such is seen as a complex medium or display which offers itself to support different visual contents. Employing various materials made by industry and by man, he imagines new aesthetic possibilities in which the relationships between natural and artificial are diluted, integrated or emulated in each other. Reality is then analysed over and over again.
Within this mental framework, the artwork, reaching its so called “activation” state, becomes the epicentre of a critical and empirical reflection of reality.

The show, located in Oberwelt, Stuttgart, revolves around the yesser figure and his attitude to say yes to everything. By excluding denial from the vocabulary, the artist, Mirko Canesi gives life to an experimental character with which he can interact on the plane of reality through the absence of critical thought.

Oblivious to limits and differences between things, the yesser traces everything to a single spatial and temporal level, effectively flattening reality, making it bi-dimensional to the point of approximating it to the very idea of surface.

The left wall features Yes pls. an artistic window made of aluminium profiles for robotics, which in this case, thanks to the existing slot, are redesigned to replace the lead frames typical of artistic stained glass windows. The structure, frontally, features a geometric design in which satin grey Plexiglas, which blur the plants behind it, alternates with rectangles through which the soil holding the plants’ roots is directly visible. The geometry of the artwork enters into contradiction with a painting made with a metallic grey spray and oil painting that reproduces a scene of “Night on Bald Mountain” (Fantasia, Disney, 1940).
Three rectangular elements are distributed across the space, made with climbing holds painted with the same metallic grey: one made by embedding different-colour holds into each other, one with a grey silicone footprint of the sole of a Nike Jeezy 500 shoe, while the third by adding breakaways in bright red silicone and sand.

Yes pls. 2019

Rocaille, 2019

Rocaille, 2019

Rocaille, 2019